Tuesday, May 2, 2017

YourAndroid smartphonesExtend battery life tooEmergency post

All those who are using Android smartphones Maybe you want to charge a little more time on mobile. In fact, so much battery scandal in Android It is sometimes that there is no charge even for a full day. this Follow the post, hopefully, the battery Life will grow.

Fix the screen settings: Android Smartphones are now quite advanced and bigger Screen is being given. Just like these screens the user Battery is just like the exceptional experience The torture is running up So we have some methods We can reduce the level of torture by adopting. 
Do not keep the phone's brightness high. One such Brightness will be seen in the light and also It is also seen in the dark. Use few days in Brightness You will get used to it. Alt Automatically Do not use brightness. Now on Xperia phones Having been given the bravia engine. If it is not necessary then close it Keep in mind I think Mobile TV on Bradya TV There is no need to be at home.

Wireless Proper use of the connections: GPS, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Blueooth These connections are closed without need Keep it. There are many Bluetooth all day Keeps the Internet running. Do not do this, the battery There will be no charges. You can think that if they put them on What will happen, I'm not using it ... Actually keep these things on These are always the surrounding active networks There are so many charges to search.

Push Turn off the notification: Various phones The application has Push Notification functionality. this Applications are available from the server for convenience After a while, take new information. If it does not need to close it Do it.

Wi-Fi vs. Internet: Internet access Wi-Fi is better than case GPRS / EDGE. it is mine Not to speak, the exam was seen. Wi-Fi is possible if possible Use it. Phone lock without using screen lock Keep it. There are some service off when locked. Many people kept screen timeout for 1 minute. That's it Keep 30 seconds or 15 seconds.

Choose And use apps correctly: unnecessary apps Do not keep Just keep an emergency app. Many people see Huda launchers, games, installs the app. This is do not do. Because the apps are from the background Charge will be lost. There are some apps that you can access Still in the background. To kill them For example, a utility app can be kept for example Android Assistant, Clean Master, etc. I have a long time I'm using Android Assistant and Clean Master.

Temperature: The phone is always at normal temperature Try to keep Battery is hot or cold The charge will end.

Software Update: Regular updates to your Android version (possible If so) try to do Battery saver is a You can use good quality battery saver apps. I've been using Easy Battery Saver for a long time. It really works. The software is in the Intelligent Mode Use it.

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